King County Regional Homelessness Scam

So the brain center at King County Regional Homelessness Authority release their 5 year plan and budget. With Marc Dones in control of their budget, you can only imagine the grift….nevermind the grift that took the KCRHA 2 years to produce with metrics light (less accountability, after all, there are over 1000 homeless non profits floating around Seattle. Imagine that grift. Geez. And here we are, more crime, more molly coddling the homeless drug addicts. Funny how they didn’t even considered the law enforcement aspect of it..or fire department into their self absorbed plan to extort tax payers of more $$$ while the problems become worse. Their policies have failed us…how in the hell are they going to dig Seattle out of this massive slippage of the Seattle City Council even bothering to care at all, outside their fantasy world agenda. End homelessness for all? How is this remotely even possible? I mean, dream big and all, but this is insanity.

First off, Marc Does and company were goaled and promised to house at least 85 people and only managed to house 13. This is appalling. What about all the hotels properties the city spent tax money on? Rumor has it that there are many hotels they purchased that are sitting empty. How can this be?

The recent sweeps resulted in one of the worst RV clans to be pushed into my neighborhood. The first couple of nights the folks in the RV were screaming at each other for the joy of myself and my neighbors. At one point I was going to pull out my bull horn (very loud) and announce in my radio dj voice, “if you cannot handle your drugs, we will take them away from you.” But, since they have nothing to lose by perhaps going full tilt on me, I’m certainly not going to press my luck. Deescalation when dealing with crazy people on drugs and living in filth. My liberal sentiments have all but disappeared to have much compassion left to apply.

The RV that is parked one block up from my townhouse, the shithead who lives in his is pounding who knows what the fuck right now – No regard for the neighbors. This molly coddling these addicts and letting them have free reign is complete and utter bullshit. I say fuck Marc Dones and his request for $25 billion dollars. The Seattle City Council has no problem letting our roads become filled with potholes, our buildings become covered in graffiti…..all for a lawless minoroty population that

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