Jay Inslee’s fake empathy for citizens living next to encampments

Jay Inslee is a wimp of a man. He tells the parents whose children have to walk by a homeless encampment on their way to school…..that he will do everything humanly possible to clear the encampment in a couple of months. Thanks for he grift Jay. If this is your pathetic way of moving urgently to solve our problems…..you need to be vote out and replaced. To allow a small percentage of the population suck up so many city resources….fire, police, our parks, sidewalks – The city has enabled the unhoused homeless addicts to have carte blanche around the city….while the Seattle Times burys its head in the sand when it comes to report the real news – that our unhoused problem is actually a nasty, rampant drug addiction wave that has hit America first with Big Pharma seeding our communities with opioids then shifting their strategy and filling the demand for the insidious usage of fentenyl everywhere.

One thing you’ll never see in Seattle are any elected City Council members who have to deal with RVs and encampment around their homes. Tammy Morales of Dist 2 has a $3 million house near Lake Washington….far away from the tax payers of her district who continually have to contend with rampant crime, crazy drug addicts or witness the daily car / bike chop shops. Their policies that have accelerated the overall decline in quality of life in Seattle. Since they hold themselves above the citizens they are suppose to represent, I am quite surprised that there are few that are calling these so called leaders on the carpet for failing to ensure public safety, ignoring small business owners pleas to wake up and start listening to their stories about how their failed policies of decriminalizing coke, meth, heroin and fentanyl have made addiction and mental health bring forth more theft, lawlessness and a free for all for predators preying on the vulnerable population.

The City of Seattle has been abandoned by those trusted to serve the public; Since the resignation of Ed Murray, Jenna Durkan and her Administration made a mockery of everything with her “summer of love” comment…and then subsequently mysteriously delete her text messages after the East Precinct was handed over to the anarchists. As a result of the deleted text messages, city tax payers paid Durkan’s $3 million dollar fine….and then walked away, never held responsible for her actions.

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