What’s in my bag – An alternative to AI music curation

With AI officially curating the music you listen to, its getting increasingly harder to discover new music and new bands. Luckily, AMOEBA records in Hollywood / Berkeley has a great YouTube show called “Whats in my Bag?” Musicians like us are born to write songs, find melodies and try everything possible to make songs unique and memorable. Us musicians are a serious lot. We value an honest relationship with our music, our bond….and for any company or entity to try and take that away is major disrespect.

By listening to the musicians interviewed for “What’s in my bag?” I have discovered a lot of new, old music such as Scott Walker, Agent Orange, Bomfuck MC’s, Baby Metal, and Nirvana. Each episode I watch always has a key takeaway artist I have never heard of but yet they sound as familiar as the good ones. If you are stuck in a musical rut, be sure to tune into Amoeba’s “What’s in my Bag” and get ready to explore!

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