April’s Fool 2024

Prices everywhere are getting higher; the impending Presidential election could put America at war with itself; seems like all the politicians are taking us all for a ride; fentanyl is ravaging the cities; inflation is going up; housing is making it so if anyone of us sell our house, we could never afford to buy in the neighborhood. Social media has changed the way we both interact and avoid interacting with. Tech employers laying off employees to reap more in profit; COVID was a time in which workers were able to work from home…..but now that they tables have turned, employers are using their power to make us all kiss their pinkie ring. Every little purchase is tracked and any deviation sounds the alarms of the 3 major credit reporting whores, by default , have access to your data before you can even say no. American society is quickly become eaten from the inside by all of the corporations, billionaires, the 1% keeping more for themselves than they are willing to share. The balance in this country is way off where it should be and I feel like it’s spiraling.

Or is it? I’ve noticed that when I stop reading the fucking news all the time (cause it’s an easy way to avoid having to interface with people) – I’m starting to shed my relying upon these big media companies to keep pushing filtered information to our devices. It’s all bullshit, what they push as news.

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