Grift the Grift of Grifting……

The city’s leadership has been steadily deteriorating over the course of the past six years.   Constant expenditures are being channeled into experimental projects, thereby padding the pockets of their campaign supporters vicariously through non-profit organizations who are performing their dance in an effort to press their RFP (request for proposal) into the faces of City Council members who may easily sway the bid in their favor.   

The King County Regional Hopelessness Authority went back to the drawing board in an attempt to justify how their five year plan commands a commitment of $12 billion dollars to enable the homeless, fentanyl addicts (now fortified with Xylazine, the animal tranquilizer that extends the duration of FENTY! ), and meth addicts, with criminal records, who never look you in the eye when they ride their bikes on the sidewalks, scanning for that lucrative Amazon package that could be either diapers or an iPhone.   

Take for instance,  it is 00:33 on a Friday night, and my townhouse is resonating as a result of the shithead running his generator for his RV that has rubbish strewn around and four automobiles parked in the spaces intended for the locals.  It’s bullshit that these folks don’t have to pay property taxes or contribute anything regarding the space they are occupying.   House is not a right…..not if you’re running chop shops, hosting a local neighborhood drug den ( which is blatantly obvious to anyone with situational awareness) or identity theives…..and the fact one block up the street, a propane tank exploded and blew off the four walls of the RV causing the dwellers inside to dive for the grass.  All I know is they better not park in front of my townhouse again cause I will make it a living hell for them.    Its not great to hear people fighting over drugs and being ripped off in the middle of day and the dead of night.    Welcome to the new normal in Seattle.    And we just settle for this shit?   Time to take the power back from these fuckheads who feel enabled to live their multi-drug lifestyle they desire while the majority are funding this bullshit.   

Bring back the decade of the ’90s. Seattle….was so much better back then…now I sound like some senior citizen harking back to the wonder years. but honestly, there wasn’t any graffiti everywhere, people appreciated the police, and the plague that is now Amazon was nothing more than an online bookstore masterminded by Jeff Bezos…..who now spends his time in LA in his $550 million dollar house or aboard his $400 million dollar luxury  yacht…and all we get now is more laid off white collar and blue collar factory workers. I wonder if Amazon will still receive tax credits once they replace their workforce by robots since a majority of the people I know that currently work there, or left because of how oppressive it is to be treated like an micromanaged factory robot who has their bathroom breaks timed to ensure they are complying.


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