Ticketmaster is making going to concerts a bummer.

Ticketmaster is a total fucking monopoly and the government is doing nothing about it. Surprise huh? I read an article the other day where the ex Ticketmaster CEO blamed the public for higher prices stemming from people no longer buying music and downloading for free. Duh….dumbass…music is streamed now…so not very many people want to amass a huge collection of CDs (just ask me) anymore.

Ticketmaster and their affiliates, Livenation are jacking up the prices of concert tickets to the point I will no longer be going to pay for and see some of my favorite artists. Metallica, forget it. Mr. Bungle, forget it. Jerry Cantrell, forget it. Their monopoly results in a crappy experience when buying tickets…and ensures that the bots get tickets before the general public….and then the bots folks turn around and sells tickets on stubhub.com for a hefty profit. Who loses? The fans lose. I refuse to pay extorted prices any longer. I’ll catch the show on YouTube since most people film shows these days anyway.

The government does nothing to dismantle Ticketmaster. Makes you wonder who in the Senate has a shareholder stake in the whole scam. Thanks for alienating your fan base.

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