2023: What a great year its been!

I reflect back on this year and while I did a lot of soul searching, my relationships with those I love and cherish became stronger. I’m finding a beauty in life that I didn’t see before. The human struggle is real. We’re inundated with social media silos that have killed the normal, conflict of ideology debates with any sense of reason. The venom is getting stronger…but really….I wish the world wasn’t full of sharks, criminals, sociopaths, 2nd amendment freaks, drug dealers, con artists, murderers, CEOs that pay the workers pittance but go home with millions of dollars where having more becomes the central drive of your existence. There are many good people out in the world just trying to get by like everyone else. we need to hone our sense of compassion for one another and stop letting the Mark Zuckerburgs, Elon Musks and Larry Ellisons of the world attempt to propagate their hollow value systems to their entourage. I mean, how much money does Jeff Bezos really need? I know he probably gives a lot of money away to non-profits and all, but the whole notion of a single person having so much money while there are people in America working their asses off in Amazon sorting factories and delivery drivers delivering more nonsense to the just gotta have it generation.

I think all of the promise that technology has provided society there are many negative behaviors that have developed. People staring into their magic device that enables sharing, communication and expression across the planet. We can craft exactly who we want to be and be that in our heads for as long as the ride takes us….and then there is the real world outside of the online world. Its a physicality that can never be beat by the much touted Metaverse. From the looks of what Meta spent so much money on, there’s no way anyone would want to spend any time in a fucking cartoon world where nothing is real. Makes me think about a recent commercial I saw on Pluto that included a slogan “Nothing is Everything.” I mean, really?

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