Down in Flames


An appropriate song for such times –  By Semisonic –

It’s not the pain I’m used to it
It’s feeling like I’m already dead
I see from the ceiling a misty spirit
Rising from a place in my head
And I never even get to go down
Down in flames
I said friend you have a life to see
Why do you scare me so?
All the suffering’s a mystery to me
I can’t even pretend to know
So you’ll never even get to go down
Down in flames
We had plans to explore the stars
Be rejected by stage door guards
Mining for gold as the time unreels
Not stifling behind suburban wheels
Not stifling behind suburban wheels
The plan was too burn up when the air was clear
We’d all wear our visors down
An arc welder spark in the atmosphere
Not this man-sized hole in the ground
Now your father’s face is frozen between anger and tears
Your mother’s hair’s amazingly gray
And I’m seeing these friends for the first time in years
It’s icicle reunion day
And you never even got to go down
Down in flames
You never even got to go down
Down in flames.

Atom test


The Ivy League College Scandal


I watched a couple of Olivia Jade’s YouTube channel and found it fascinating,  shallow,  egocentric and have no idea why her parents even bothered to send her to college anyway.   Rather than Olivia continuing to follow her passions around fashion,  cosmetics and her YouTube blog, her parents forced her into this check box, keeping up with the Joneses mindset of college payola.   With Lori Loughlin losing her Hallmark Channel lucrative acting gig,  and Olivia’s sponsors dropping her like yesterdays trash….i can imagine that they’ll bounce back as people who make mistakes often do……as long as they are sincere about it.   This would be a great time for those folks to start writing their made for TV movie about this whole scandal.   Ive never watched Full House, nor do I watch anything on the fairy tale Hallmark Channel.    I can certainly understand the channel’s appeal, especially given the times we re living in today.    An escapist dream come true.

The song of the day will be Bangers + Mash by Radiohead

You bit me, bit me, bit me, ow
You bit me, bit me, now I want more
Standing in the hall
Kicking out the wall
Its all been sent to recover hell
The bangers and the mash
The negatives for cash
You’re either in the club, baby, or you’re not
Whatever turns you on
Whatever gets you off
Chief of police or vice-chancellor
Lord and lady, blah blah
The vicar or the judge
You are dancing to my little red book
Because you bit me, bit me, bit me, ow
I got the poison, poison, and I want more
If you are on top
Then it is a long drop
The pyramid is power
We’re changing the hour
If you are on the top
Then it is a long drop
If you stare into the dark
The black will stare back
Back into your soul
The cheque came through
The cheque came through
The cheque, cheque, cheque
The cheque
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