The Ivy League College Scandal


I watched a couple of Olivia Jade’s YouTube channel and found it fascinating,  shallow,  egocentric and have no idea why her parents even bothered to send her to college anyway.   Rather than Olivia continuing to follow her passions around fashion,  cosmetics and her YouTube blog, her parents forced her into this check box, keeping up with the Joneses mindset of college payola.   With Lori Loughlin losing her Hallmark Channel lucrative acting gig,  and Olivia’s sponsors dropping her like yesterdays trash….i can imagine that they’ll bounce back as people who make mistakes often do……as long as they are sincere about it.   This would be a great time for those folks to start writing their made for TV movie about this whole scandal.   Ive never watched Full House, nor do I watch anything on the fairy tale Hallmark Channel.    I can certainly understand the channel’s appeal, especially given the times we re living in today.    An escapist dream come true.

The song of the day will be Bangers + Mash by Radiohead

You bit me, bit me, bit me, ow
You bit me, bit me, now I want more
Standing in the hall
Kicking out the wall
Its all been sent to recover hell
The bangers and the mash
The negatives for cash
You’re either in the club, baby, or you’re not
Whatever turns you on
Whatever gets you off
Chief of police or vice-chancellor
Lord and lady, blah blah
The vicar or the judge
You are dancing to my little red book
Because you bit me, bit me, bit me, ow
I got the poison, poison, and I want more
If you are on top
Then it is a long drop
The pyramid is power
We’re changing the hour
If you are on the top
Then it is a long drop
If you stare into the dark
The black will stare back
Back into your soul
The cheque came through
The cheque came through
The cheque, cheque, cheque
The cheque

Trump’s new tax law now has middle class families owing money


For all you middle class voters who voted for Trump and his billionaire friends,  you now will own the IRS money.    Trump and those motherfuckers who clapped and shook his hand as he entered the SOTU..made me wanna puke hard.    Trump thinks everyone wants to kiss his ring of bullshit.  He’s a liar,  con artist,  and SHOULD BE IMPEACHED before he destroys the US.

Click here to read up on the details of how TRUMP’s America is solely for his RICH friends and dictators. 

Wilbur Ross and the root of the problem


Our country is sliding into something I don’t recognize anymore.    The fleecing of tax payers;  lack of progress with improving health care for citizens,  more concern for money towards a wall when a percentage of the drugs that make it in do so via the border check points;    Yeah….Trump and company don’t give a rats ass about the people of this country;  at every turn these bottom feeding yes men could careless about protecting citizens…its all about the hollow,  misleading bully speak Trump kept reiterating during his campaign…that Mexico would pay for it…then he denied ever saying that…and now he’s back peddling and attempting to manipulate the truth……..

And then there is Wilbur Ross……a disconnected self serving millionaire who thinks the 800,000 Federal employees can just get a loan @ 9% interest…and then he couldn’t understand why people were standing in soup lines.    What planet does this dumb ass elitist shtihead live on?   And then Trump’s flimsy excuse claiming that Mr. Ross meant something else.   The lack of empathy and major disconnection between the real world is nothing close to public service……more like “let them eat cake.”   Disgusting pigs.


You know you are in Georgetown when…..


Since crime is up 31% in my neighborhood, Georgetown, the oldest neighborhood in Seattle, I thought I’d capture some of the highlights:

1. Nevermind that dilapidated car with darkened windows parked next to the Georgetown Playfield…its only a nice clean cut junkie couple shooting up on their lunch break. Its only obvious.

2. Disregard that suspicious bicycle rider wearing all black with a hoodie on and a partial mask on their face. Its probably just another drug mule bottom feeder selling dope to the people who reside in their broken down RVs, with their crap being stored on the public median.

3. When walking your dog, keep situational awareness top of mind cause one of those RV dwellers is convinced its tailgate party time in my neighborhood…and unfortunately his two pit bulls aren’t on a leash…and they are running over to my my dogs. I picked up my doggies as the pit bull was snapping at my little dogs and ended up kicking the pit bull repeatedly until the moron owner was able to tackle his dog. Great. Nice job.

4. While out walking my dogs again, I witnessed a crow swoop down and grab a hypodermic needle laying on the ground with its claws and fly away. What a way to spread all kinds of diseases……

5. At 0700 in the morning, my Ring doorbell detects some one at my front door. Barely awake, I open the door and ask the drunk homeless person a quick “whazz up?” He mumbled something then walked away like one of those zombies you often see in movies….

6. Make sure you lock your car at night and leave nothing visible to those teams of car prowlers driving down the alleyway, one to drive and the other to quickly check the door handles to make sure everyone is safe……and if any poor unwilling participants happen to have left their car unlocked. Nevermind that however…..if its locked and they see something valuable inside…they’ll just smash the window as long as there is no red blinking light active on your car’s dash indicating alarm active.

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