Wilbur Ross and the root of the problem


Our country is sliding into something I don’t recognize anymore.    The fleecing of tax payers;  lack of progress with improving health care for citizens,  more concern for money towards a wall when a percentage of the drugs that make it in do so via the border check points;    Yeah….Trump and company don’t give a rats ass about the people of this country;  at every turn these bottom feeding yes men could careless about protecting citizens…its all about the hollow,  misleading bully speak Trump kept reiterating during his campaign…that Mexico would pay for it…then he denied ever saying that…and now he’s back peddling and attempting to manipulate the truth……..

And then there is Wilbur Ross……a disconnected self serving millionaire who thinks the 800,000 Federal employees can just get a loan @ 9% interest…and then he couldn’t understand why people were standing in soup lines.    What planet does this dumb ass elitist shtihead live on?   And then Trump’s flimsy excuse claiming that Mr. Ross meant something else.   The lack of empathy and major disconnection between the real world is nothing close to public service……more like “let them eat cake.”   Disgusting pigs.