You know you are in Georgetown when…..


Since crime is up 31% in my neighborhood, Georgetown, the oldest neighborhood in Seattle, I thought I’d capture some of the highlights:

1. Nevermind that dilapidated car with darkened windows parked next to the Georgetown Playfield…its only a nice clean cut junkie couple shooting up on their lunch break. Its only obvious.

2. Disregard that suspicious bicycle rider wearing all black with a hoodie on and a partial mask on their face. Its probably just another drug mule bottom feeder selling dope to the people who reside in their broken down RVs, with their crap being stored on the public median.

3. When walking your dog, keep situational awareness top of mind cause one of those RV dwellers is convinced its tailgate party time in my neighborhood…and unfortunately his two pit bulls aren’t on a leash…and they are running over to my my dogs. I picked up my doggies as the pit bull was snapping at my little dogs and ended up kicking the pit bull repeatedly until the moron owner was able to tackle his dog. Great. Nice job.

4. While out walking my dogs again, I witnessed a crow swoop down and grab a hypodermic needle laying on the ground with its claws and fly away. What a way to spread all kinds of diseases……

5. At 0700 in the morning, my Ring doorbell detects some one at my front door. Barely awake, I open the door and ask the drunk homeless person a quick “whazz up?” He mumbled something then walked away like one of those zombies you often see in movies….

6. Make sure you lock your car at night and leave nothing visible to those teams of car prowlers driving down the alleyway, one to drive and the other to quickly check the door handles to make sure everyone is safe……and if any poor unwilling participants happen to have left their car unlocked. Nevermind that however…..if its locked and they see something valuable inside…they’ll just smash the window as long as there is no red blinking light active on your car’s dash indicating alarm active.