Beastie Boys…


Since I started reading the new Beastie Boys Book.   Those 3 MC’s really got in touch with the roots of rap and hip hop.   I remember when License to Ill came out…..while I was in boot camp.   I liked some of the cuts on that record but…..lets be honest….Paul’s Boutique and subsequent releases are simultaneously serve as tributes to every single artist they sampled and a major growth in their level of maturity and sophistication.  

     Ok,  so not everyone warmed up to the Beastie Boys…but since I am a white dude,  I got the humor initially.   For any of the drunken white male fraternity stereotypes they helped propagate,  they have certainly redeemed themselves. 

Im going to date myself by stating that I use to buy the Beastie Boys releases on cassette cause they always including weird remixes and takes of songs that you cant find anywhere else.    Its a music fan/customer win/win always. 


Great performance:   “So Whatcha Want”