Melania Trump; Burt Reynolds and the End of Summer As We Know It


Oh Melania…if you only had a personality when you speak publicly.   She sounds like a robot, especially when she’s reading her speech from teleprompter and making it a little too obvious.    Makes me ponder how much of a delta there is between what Melania actually believes versus the actions behind her husband, the Cartoon President.   

Sad to hear Burt Reynolds passed away.   Use to go to the drive-in theater in the San Joaquin Valley growing up an remember how much I begged my Uncle Dougie to takes my siblings and cousins to the drive-in to see “Smokey and the Bandit.”   Car racing,   scantily clad females, and being 12.   

So long Labor Day,  Bumbershoot,  daylight…..the sun………my mental health.   🙂