A Higher Loyalty : Depends on which side you chose


Ok, so I downloaded the recent James Comey “A Higher Loyalty” and must admit the read on Trump is spot on.

Reading the firing memo Trump sent to Comey seemed like Trump was outraged at Comey for not colluding with a him, kissing his ring, and keeping it the status quo in the new brand of politics not as usual in this pendulum swing of power in the United States. I sense a “ROOTS” or made for TV drama starring Alec Baldwin as Trump, Heidi Klum as Melania, Madonna as Ivanka, the Kardashians as extras for stunts involving hostage situations, mayhem and chaos. Ugh.

Empirical evidence is mounting against Trump, his shady business practices, infidelities with prostitutes, temper problem, child-like bi polar ADHD stream of consciousness rhetoric that spews out of his mouth and tweets. God help us if this maniac starts a world war from a tweet. Brilliant mankind……simply brilliant.

This is all making me very sick.