To Catch a Predator


I love those moments in life when one gets sucked into a YouTube tsunami of video. Earlier this week, I rat holed on watching all of the episodes of “To Catch a Predator.” CHOMO’s, as phedophiles are called in prison, are at the top of my list of dirtbags in the world. While I haven’t been molested ever……there were times when….spending the night at a friends house, my buddies dad wanted my friend (and his son) Jason to sleep naked with with his father while his wife was away. Even at 12 years old, my red flags went off….and I told my friend Jason that it made me feel weird. Since I refused to get naked…I wasn’t allowed to go camping with Jason and his dad. Thank god. I just hope that Jason didn’t suffer any sexual abuse from his father….but I bet he did. Another time, an adult attempted to make moves on me was on my paper route. I was collecting monthly dues in an old folks trailer park…and one of my customers, an Italian man, suggested I bring my bicycle closer to his trailer and come in. Needless to say, he came out of the shower with an open bath robe on. It made me really nervous so I quickly got out of there.

I feel lucky. I have relatives who were molested while growing up and a majority of them ended up acting out their sexual violations thru drugs and alcohol. I remember when I was 14, one of my uncles would tell my female cousin that if she gave him a massage, he’d take us all to McDonalds. Whats sick about that is that my uncle used a normal, everyday kid reward of going to McDonalds, only in exchange for my female cousin to give him a massage. It made me uncomfortable at the time, but I really couldn’t put my finger on why….until later in life.

So what’s my point? After Watching the sting operations of “to catch a predator,” every single person busted claims the following:

1. They always state “I really wasn’t going to do what I described in detail in the teen chat room”….but yet all bring condoms, booze and then use their influence to take control of another person who is clearly being exploited and victimized.

2. They claim that this is their first time ever planning to have sex with a child.

3. Once Chris Hanson informs the men that they are on the TV show, some of the men attempt to rationalize or twist the truth as to why they are showing up in the home of a 12 year old boy or girl. “I was just trying to be a role model” or “the kid was confused about their sexuality and I wanted to take the moral high road and show them that its ok to be different……and the used by a creep.

I have no compassion for pedophiles. My sister was molested while growing up and this has caused her anguish, guilt, PTSD to the point that her subconscious is feeding her negative self talk and low self esteem. She has a difficult time trusting people, isolates herself from her peers and has no healthy relationship with the opposite sex. The destruction of a person is what CHOMOS cause. It makes me really fucking angry that my innocent sister was taken advantage of in her formative years.