Trump and Guns : Arm the teachers?

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I listened to an interview with Trump last week, the broadcast where Trump was touting his belief that teachers, especially retired military folk all aspire to take a second career as a teacher….what a fucking moronic statement.       Giving teachers who carry a weapon a bonus sound Trump’s tendency to ramble on about shit he knows very little about…

Trump clearly hasnt thought this through.   I mean,   its cool that the survivors of the Parkland shooting have mobilized.   The Republicans are ignorant, thinking that the survivors are going to continue to be passive.    With each shooting,   the white house,   both under previous presidents and now Trump…have continued to ignore the safety of American citizens, primarily due to the fucking NRA…and the 2nd amendment.  Ok,  having a right to carry a weapon is part of American history when fleeing England.    The systems of checks and balances are failing…and we keep hearing the same conversation but no action.   What the hell does Congress spend their time doing?  Greasing the bellies of the pigs who exploit us.