Trump is at war with the citizens of America


What a pig…

Trump traveled on Wednesday to Missouri, where he pitched the tax overhaul plan. He explained that he did not mind that the bill might close loopholes for the wealthy like himself.

Trump and other wealthy Americans are poised to benefit from the plan, according to tax experts, because of cuts to estate and business taxes and other relief for real estate holdings. Trump has refused to release his tax returns, so it is impossible to say exactly how he would benefit.

In Missouri, he was talking about taxes, but he might as well been describing his mind-set.

“Hey, look, I’m president,” Trump said. “I don’t care. I don’t care anymore.”

And poor little Matt Lauer. Justice. Now all that needs to happen is the 19 women who Trump dehumanized by grabbing and groping them. Son of a bitch also bragged about how he fired the ugly women who worked at his golf course. Vile.