10 Rules for Success


1. Find Your Voice : Find the real you….not filtered….raw.

2. Keep Going: Life is start, fail, repeat, start, fail, start, WIN!

3. Surround Yourself with Greatness: Be around people that you respect and admire.

4. Work Hard: This isn’t always easy…especially when life happens.

5. Find Energy: I know….I get home at the end of the day and I have to force myself to keep moving. Staying still only results in a comfort zone….where fight or flight response gets dulled….

6. Be Honest: Be honest with yourself and those around you.

7. Get in your Zone: I get into my zone whenever I sit down to write music.

8. Embrace Nervousness: What’s the worse thing that can happen…..they all laugh at you?

9. Love What You Do: Now this gets complicated. Sometimes to balance the mundane work world, its fun to book a conference room where you are the only attendee…to get away from cube land and think for a minute.

10. Connect with People: This I use to struggle with….and sometimes still do. Im not an “ice-breaker” kinda guy …small talk annoys me sometimes….in that same way that “girl who ran out of gas and now she needs $20 from you” you encounter when you attempt to make your way to the parking garage…Jesus.