Sessions 1 thru 4 in E minor


I had a pretty productive weekend making music. I wrote a series of songs sampling the moronic ramblings of AG Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump. The Sessions_2 song posted here is an excerpt.
Hearing the political retards continuing to think that the D.A.R.E. program worked and the “being tough on crime” are great solutions in the increasingly failed war on drugs – If arresting drug users, increasing the prison population (remember, America is the #1 jailer of the earth) and spouting the evils of marijuana, go do something really progressive and stop wasting tax payer money on a drug war that is nothing but welfare for law enforcement. Donald Trump and AG Jeff Sessions vision of solving the drug problem in America is a fascist solution. Look no further than to read the fine print of the proposed Affordable Care Act replacement and it will quickly dawn on anyone that (C)trUMP is a fraud, and so are the rest of the yes men he has working for him. Don’t worry Donald, the ultimate “You’re Fired” from America is coming in the form of being impeached.