VIP NATION is an empty, mass produced rip off for Fans.


Im not sure what’s up with those VIP NATION creatives who dream up what’s included in your VIP package when attending a concert.     Having been a consumer of many of these VIP Packages…….the folks who put the program together need to be a little bit more creative when it comes to the “goodies” they usually throw in a cheap bag….coupled with the poorly catered food and “drink tickets.”   All of a sudden the whole experience seems as watered down as a chocolatey Yoo-hoo.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the VIP gift provided for Roger Water’s Us + Them tour.    A huge box….that won’t fit anywhere except the attic or storage.     What an environmental waste.   To boot,  a commemorative Us + Them coffee mug,  and even “Made in America.”     In addition to the mug,   a commemorative ticket and lanyard sheik rapped in KINKOS plastic laminate.  The 5 prints were all cool expect for the stark “US+Them” tour poster.

A couple of questions to the VIP Nation Producers:

  1. Why not REALLY print only a couple hundred commemorative tour shirts?   Low hanging fruit.
  2. Get rid of the lanyard and cheap commemorative ticket lameness.
  3. Some other goodie bag suggestions could be a key chain;  quality water bottle;  special band patches to sew on clothes;  decent back pack;  USB thumb drives with special content.