A Creepy President : Humiliate everyone and you end up being burned in a court of law.


Because marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug. Are you fucking kidding me?

Well, well, well…..who knew what depths of cold hearted meanness Donald Chump could hurl on this nation.    His pathological ego mania is a severe mental illness.  Throwing your direct reports under the bus in public is very bad taste.   Jesus,  you’d probably steal the last shred of dignity you could from those you feel you have power over.   Standing on the sidelines of these continuous charades of bad people management skills,  as you tweet to the world with your tiny hands and even tinier mind.

The replacement for Spicer kinda reminds me of a desperate,  multi-billionaire trailer trash with bad taste in the suits he chooses to by.   I despise everything Jeff Sessions stands for….and Im trying hard to find it hard for ole Session’s to know that in life one should never stop and pet the snakes…..cause the snakes become him.

Its like Americans are paying for all of these so-called leaders who are failing to represent the rest of us.     It’s almost as if the FALL of ROME is happening right in front of our eyes but we’re in denial its America!   U, S and A.   The worms are eating America from the inside out…..protecting their bottom line while providing sub-par service to improve the sense of well being here in America.   If the gap between the rich and poor continues to climb,    the police has been recognized and 1984 ended up arriving with the timeliness of Web 1.0.    I digress.