Roger Waters, Tacoma Dome – June 24, 2017


Seeing Roger Waters last weekend at the Tacoma Dome was simply the best concert of 2017.   Pink Floyd’s music is timeless and often takes me back in time as references of major epiphanies Ive had in my lifetime.   I was moved once more, especially given the huge focus of #NOT MY PREZ Trump   being exposed for his “CHARADE” of POTUS.    Yeah,  Trump is a pig,   a greedy, amalgamation of all of the negative characteristics of a used car salesman,  fraudster and pimp all rolled into one.

With his fervent desire (fueled by his racist instincts) to end Affordable Care Act,  rather than give credit and focus on a fair,  balanced health care coverage for everyone,  the party politics continue to further widen the gap between billionaires and the very poor.    The people who are elected into office now no longer represent the voting population as they purpose once dictated.    The robber barons seem to have waged a war against the best intentions for the people.     This is disgusting.   This is wrong and it makes me start thinking of not being a citizen of the US anymore.    But that statement makes me think about channeling our founding father’s passion to stay fight for what is right as opposed to running away from the challenges that we face as a country.