Free speech and the Era of Dictator Trump


images (1)MSN (horrible news,  horrible news source) recently conducted one of those web part surveys that poses a trending question on a simple yes, no,  not sure answer and recently posted this question :  Has comedian Kathy Griffin apologized sufficiently for the photo showing her holding a bloody Donald Trump mask?

First off,  FUCK DONALD TRUMP.   He’s a moron,   sexist,  loud mouth bully who preys on the weak.     Yeah,  what Kathy Griffin did was part of her comedy…but lets face it…Trump acting like he’s a fucking DICTATOR,   persecuting someone and then having his cronies start calling Kathy with death threats is very extreme….and unfortunately,    Trumps morons family members chiming in on “how Kathy must be “SICK” and that her routine shocked their kid.

There have been too many depictions to list here where Donald Trump has been made the brunt of jokes, especially since his election campaign started.   The sexism of Donald Trump shaming Kathy is proof of Trump’s cluelessness.

NOT MY PRESIDENT.   Fucking fool.