U2: Never fails to bring it….both musically an emotionally


u22Seeing U2’s “30 year anniversary Joshua Tree show reminded me of being moved by music this day and age.    When Joshua Tree came out…it was the soundtrack to me being kick out of the military for being gay.    I needed the courage and strength to get through such a shocking and traumatic experience….the songs of Joshua Tree strike an inner core of a lot of emotion….and I will say until i die,  U2 will forever hold the #1 band for me with Radiohead #2

This show was by far the best U2 show Ive seen.   I only wish the Edge (since I love guitars and I love his unique sound, would do a solo…..would be awesome……and then gradually  fade into a song with the rest of the band.  Something acoustic would be intimate and nice…songs like Desire or Vertigo….:).  It wouldve also been cool if they did something off “Songs of Innocence.”  like maybe California or The Miracle of Joey Ramone.”   But…….as I listen to their best of 1980-1990 I think “When Love Comes to Town” would be cool too.

Another highlight,  besides the best playing Ive seen U2 accomplish,  was the cameo of Eddie Vedder!1   AWESOME>

My favorite U2 songs (outside of the core songs….which are typically the popular songs,) recorded during the Joshua Tree sessions:

  1.  Deep in the heart –   Beautiful lyrics,   the Edge is jamming …reminds me of his songs on Captive soundtrack.   Back in the day,  I use to look forward to buying cassette singles as U2 ALWAYS provided their fans a little something extra…a thank you in the form of another song….which is a mix of some of the best and IMHO worst.
  2. Race Against Time –   Would be very interesting to see U2 perform this live….with the huge video screen in the background…it would be cool to storyboard  a video that was pieces of the headlines and stupid donald trump tweets..in comparison of what his stupid decisions are doing to further alienate America from common sense and rooted in our principles of the Const.
  3. Dancing Barefoot:   Orginally by Patti Smith….but when I heard U2’s version…..i loved it.   The outro chorus it sounds as if he is saying “Oh God,  I fear for you, Oh, God, I feel for you.     Invoked a lof of feelings.
  4.  When Love Comes to Town:  B.B, King and U2…fucking awesome!
  5. Daddy’s Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car:   One of my faves…it was when they were experimenting with cool electronic/ENO stuff.
  6.  Spanish Eyes:  Bono’s voice is in top shape on this one.   Really grabs the listener and forces the intensity of the words to translate almost automatically.
  7. MOFO:   By far one of the worst U2 releases for whatever reason.    It seemed rushed and musically was ok…they were starting to lose their sound they got back later on.     I love this song.   The deep bass use was cool…and it worked well.