Gene Simmons | The Donald Trump of the Music Biz


For a guy who has claimed to have slept with over 4800 women,   Gene Simmons argues that the way Prince died was pathetic and offered up his judgmental,  archaic,  elitest opinions about it.

I like to think of Gene Simmons as a gluttonous pig, ala the Donald Trump of the music business.   You claim to have never been high or drunk and but yet you bragged about how you single handedly managed to screw over 4800 women while touring?    You should really try to be a little more introspective of your sex addiction issues.

Gene the Trump of Music

Gene the Trump of Music

Clearly you get high off feeding your ego with boning chicks,   making money  and making really clownish music that really stopped being relevant after KISS took off their masks and Ace, Peter left as your ego of being the top pig of the pig pile,   you fail to understand your role in anything and continue to be so perfect huh?

Dont you think KISS is getting kinda old and maybe you should go retire and play golf with all of your cronies who are in your same income bracket?   You know….the 1%.