Radiohead | A Moon Shaped Pool


I opened up iTunes this e5c8ed17fvening to find a great surprise!    Radiohead just released “A Moon Shaped Pool.”   Usually on new music Tuesdays is when new music is released…..but given this is Radiohead, who are unconventional and INMHO are true modern music artists without compromise,  they released today without the typical hype surrounded by artist like Beyonce, etc.    I must admit,  I am a huge Radiohead fan and have been since the early 90’s.   Ive seen them 4 times,   have all of their releases plus bootlegs,  one offs ,etc and I must admit that this release is a culmination of the previous releases while harvesting all the trademark Radiohead nuances that make them still very relevant today.

Glaciers_(Kid_A_album_art)I think when KID A came out I listened to that disc all rotation.   I saw them on Saturday Night Live and was mesmerized by Thom Yorke who really seemed to be in a trance….almost like after you listened to “Idioteque” you felt cleansed….and then you snap out of it and “Motion Picture Soundtrack” grabs you by the face…”white wine, and sleeping pills,   help get back to where I belong…..I think you’re crazy…i will see you in the next life. “