Happy Mother's Day meets Capt. America



I made sure I called my mother in addition to sending her a card.    I really appreciate  my mom –  She’s been there for me when I needed her,  always kept food in our stomachs and clothes on our back.    She turns 80 this July!!    Here’s to you Buena!

I went and saw “Capt America:  Civil War” last night –  Whoever was in charge of naming the movie really should have named it “The Avengers:  Civil War” as I think the Capt. America label really minimizes the enormous number of super heroes which are in this movie.   Face it,   when I was growing up,   Capt. America was low on my list of super heroes I choose to be in 10 year old fantasy world –   Top of the list was either Flash,   Superman or Spiderman.   All Capt America could do is throw his shield around…big deal….he couldn’t even fly.    I liked the movie however –  Was better than “Superman vs. Batman” for sure.