Finally, I know a little more about my ancestry

Its cool that I finally got my DNA results back from   I always have wondered where my family members originated.   Here’s how things broke down:

  • 21% Scandinavian
  • 18% Iberian Peninsula
  • 19% Irish
  • 17% Great Britain
  • 13% Europe West
  • 7% Europe East

weareGuess this indicates I’m officially Eurotrash?

Thanks so much for your inconsiderate appropriation of my belongings..

Loser bottom feeder

It was great to go out to my car this morning only to find that some bottom feeding scumbag thought it would be to their benefit to rip me off.     Fuck you bastard!    If I ever catch losers like yo creeping around this neighborhood again you will pay dearly.     There are cameras watching dumbass.   We have you!

The house offer review extravaganza….oh gee…..

The Bidding War Year

The Bidding War?   

So..the magic moment has arrived.   How much is someone willing to spend to secure a space in the exclusive neighborhood of Bryant?    Just minutes from University Village sits a Cape Cod style,  Frederick Anhalt’s warmth and resilient design stands true today.  This will be my first time of going through a house offer review…..will report more back shortly post experience.

Selling my House; Taking Charge and Moving Forward

The CreepWell,  after months of prep with getting my house ready to sell,   the time has come to see if all of the hard work Brian,  Brock and myself endured while taking stuff to the dump,   cutting down trees,  landscaping my yard,   getting my house (internal/external) painted,  my plumbing fix and my basement totally made over….all of this was a lot of work, more than I ever imagined.     i am hopeful my next place in Georgetown will be a wonderful place to experience.   Ive been in Bryant since 1994…..


Interesting time to sell one’s house in Seattle

Boy theThe Bidding War Yearhousing market in Seattle is booming!   I put my house on the market next week and its going to be interesting.  The proclaimed housing shortage is apparently invoking bidding wars…which will hopefully ensure  I am paid in full!   My realtor and I have been plugging away at getting my house and yard in shape to sell looking its very best.

The Bidding War Year

The Bidding War Year