Roger Waters, Tacoma Dome – June 24, 2017

Seeing Roger Waters last weekend at the Tacoma Dome was simply the best concert of 2017.   Pink Floyd’s music is timeless and often takes me back in time as references of major epiphanies Ive had in my lifetime.   I was moved once more, especially given the huge focus of #NOT MY PREZ Trump   being exposed for his “CHARADE” of POTUS.    Yeah,  Trump is a pig,   a greedy, amalgamation of all of the negative characteristics of a used car salesman,  fraudster and pimp all rolled into one.

With his fervent desire (fueled by his racist instincts) to end Affordable Care Act,  rather than give credit and focus on a fair,  balanced health care coverage for everyone,  the party politics continue to further widen the gap between billionaires and the very poor.    The people who are elected into office now no longer represent the voting population as they purpose once dictated.    The robber barons seem to have waged a war against the best intentions for the people.     This is disgusting.   This is wrong and it makes me start thinking of not being a citizen of the US anymore.    But that statement makes me think about channeling our founding father’s passion to stay fight for what is right as opposed to running away from the challenges that we face as a country.


Free speech and the Era of Dictator Trump

images (1)MSN (horrible news,  horrible news source) recently conducted one of those web part surveys that poses a trending question on a simple yes, no,  not sure answer and recently posted this question :  Has comedian Kathy Griffin apologized sufficiently for the photo showing her holding a bloody Donald Trump mask?

First off,  FUCK DONALD TRUMP.   He’s a moron,   sexist,  loud mouth bully who preys on the weak.     Yeah,  what Kathy Griffin did was part of her comedy…but lets face it…Trump acting like he’s a fucking DICTATOR,   persecuting someone and then having his cronies start calling Kathy with death threats is very extreme….and unfortunately,    Trumps morons family members chiming in on “how Kathy must be “SICK” and that her routine shocked their kid.

There have been too many depictions to list here where Donald Trump has been made the brunt of jokes, especially since his election campaign started.   The sexism of Donald Trump shaming Kathy is proof of Trump’s cluelessness.

NOT MY PRESIDENT.   Fucking fool.


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Whats on my mind….

pistolpartnersmasterBernie Madoff Wizard of Lies –  Exhibit A –   163 pages of victims who lost their life savings to a con man;  Just goes to show too many smiling faces lie.

Bill Cosby – Sexual Predator,  rapist,   sit-com, comedian,   Aint so funny now that your celebrity ego has tricked you in believing you’re untouchable.

2000 Homicides in Mexico Monthly – America, a wall;  The narco submarines;  El Chapo means el fragmento;  erosion of trust;   mass graves;   a Wall?

Summer –  100 in Stockton,  CA

80 in Seattle, Wa

King Crimson

Alternatives to anti depressants


My momma,   ARKIE jANE-


See my thumb? Gee your dumb…

I smell my own thumb.

I smell my own thumb.

R.I.P Chris Cornell

I woke up this morning to a text from a friend informing me Chris Cornell was found dead in his hotel room.   Strange cause the night before we were talking about great rock singers and of course Chris Cornell came into the discussion.      I remember the first time I heard the band and was blown away by Chris Cornell’s vocals –  immediately Robert Plant came to mind….but this was now…and not some 8 track!     Hearing “Jesus Christ Pose” for the first time also blew me away.

What I heard later on that morning was that Chris hung himself.   Knowing first hand what it feels like t0 go through bouts of severe depression,   feeling like everything is seemingly hopeless,   empty and dead is what you think and feel.    I dont want to be around anyone when I suddenly find myself in this state.    I just want to sleep, a sleep where I have dreams where I end up getting shot or die in a plane crash in the ocean.     Once in this state,  I had a dream my father paid for a vacation we took together only to find out at the end of the trip he had me pay the bill.    Depresssion sucks….and getting treatment for it seems even worse.    You hear the same things……try these array of medications,  we’ll flip a coin and call the doctor if you have any thoughts of suicide.   Yeah….okay…..sound like your trying to help,  but only making things worse.     Go figure.    As much as modern medicine attempts to solve mysterious chemical imbalances in the brain,  unfortunately the medications are not once size fits all.

My heart goes out to the family Chris left behind as well as Chris himself.    The times Ive been to most depressed were times I look back on and scratch my head because usually its been the fault in my wiring.    Suicide shouldnt be a blame game…but rather than sweep the fact that depression haunts our species under the rug,   we should be opening up a dialog about it.

I remember the first time I felt like something was wrong with me….when I was in 5th grade.   My teacher came up to me and told me “it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.  ”   What the fuck?   My teacher had no idea what I had to endure with my rage-aholic father and manic depressive mother who would just stare off into space anytime I asked her why she was crying….and then going to school only to have an adult telling me I need to smile.   Give me a fucking break.

Even as I write this I struggle at times to get myself engaged in something…go for a walk,  make music, sing..or just simply interact with another person to snap me back into the Greg I know.      I just have to take things one day at a time..thats the only way I know how to deal with it.  Its here,  its in me and the most I can do is not let it get me alone, in a place where I no longer find meaning or feel loved in this world.

RIP Chris Cornell.   You’ve certainly touched my life.


U2: Never fails to bring it….both musically an emotionally

u22Seeing U2’s “30 year anniversary Joshua Tree show reminded me of being moved by music this day and age.    When Joshua Tree came out…it was the soundtrack to me being kick out of the military for being gay.    I needed the courage and strength to get through such a shocking and traumatic experience….the songs of Joshua Tree strike an inner core of a lot of emotion….and I will say until i die,  U2 will forever hold the #1 band for me with Radiohead #2

This show was by far the best U2 show Ive seen.   I only wish the Edge (since I love guitars and I love his unique sound, would do a solo…..would be awesome……and then gradually  fade into a song with the rest of the band.  Something acoustic would be intimate and nice…songs like Desire or Vertigo….:).  It wouldve also been cool if they did something off “Songs of Innocence.”  like maybe California or The Miracle of Joey Ramone.”   But…….as I listen to their best of 1980-1990 I think “When Love Comes to Town” would be cool too.

Another highlight,  besides the best playing Ive seen U2 accomplish,  was the cameo of Eddie Vedder!1   AWESOME>

My favorite U2 songs (outside of the core songs….which are typically the popular songs,) recorded during the Joshua Tree sessions:

  1.  Deep in the heart –   Beautiful lyrics,   the Edge is jamming …reminds me of his songs on Captive soundtrack.   Back in the day,  I use to look forward to buying cassette singles as U2 ALWAYS provided their fans a little something extra…a thank you in the form of another song….which is a mix of some of the best and IMHO worst.
  2. Race Against Time –   Would be very interesting to see U2 perform this live….with the huge video screen in the background…it would be cool to storyboard  a video that was pieces of the headlines and stupid donald trump comparison of what his stupid decisions are doing to further alienate America from common sense and rooted in our principles of the Const.
  3. Dancing Barefoot:   Orginally by Patti Smith….but when I heard U2’s version…..i loved it.   The outro chorus it sounds as if he is saying “Oh God,  I fear for you, Oh, God, I feel for you.     Invoked a lof of feelings.
  4.  When Love Comes to Town:  B.B, King and U2…fucking awesome!
  5. Daddy’s Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car:   One of my faves…it was when they were experimenting with cool electronic/ENO stuff.
  6.  Spanish Eyes:  Bono’s voice is in top shape on this one.   Really grabs the listener and forces the intensity of the words to translate almost automatically.
  7. MOFO:   By far one of the worst U2 releases for whatever reason.    It seemed rushed and musically was ok…they were starting to lose their sound they got back later on.     I love this song.   The deep bass use was cool…and it worked well.



Remix: Public Enemy

I first heard Public Enemy’s “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back’ during the time I was a legal bike messenger in downtown Seattle,  approx 1989.   It blew me away much in the same way Grand Master Flash’s “The Message.”